Our Miraculous Heart


Today I got the gift of meeting my heart through the echocardiogram, and she’s beautiful, she works so hard doing her thing, #thankyou.
We don’t really grasp how precious our multifunctional system is and within our bodies are interdependent parts, each can affect the other part and yet as they all work individually and they also work as a system, like every aspect of life. Appreciate it all take nothing for granted.
Our bodies are AMAZING, like seriously meeting my beating heart visually on screen, speechless. I know it seems a bit crazy, however taking it all in, the reality of this organ and all of it’s miraculousness, (is that a word?).
I was in awe as I watched my left ventricle pump the blood, how the muscle must function at its optimal best to create healthy blood flow and how all 4 of the chambers doing their jobs are individual yet interdependent, how the aorta works, all of it.
#TakeCareOfYourHeart it’s all a gift, all of this đź’ť#BlessedBeyondBelief

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